We have a prophecy to fulfill.

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GCR Prophecy Bot

Ask our innovative AI chat bot for a prophecy!

Disclaimer: The bot has no affiliation whatsoever to GCR. It is a parody. It is entirely for entertainment purposes only. Nothing it says is financial advice. Use with caution.

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LMEOW is a community takeover project with one goal: bring cats to the forefront of meme investing.

Prophecied by the famous Twitter account GCR (@GCRClassic), we aim to lead the movement to give cute cats the attention they deserve. Our mission revolves our cult-like dedication, good vibes, and being inviting to people new to crypto memes. With less than 10 people remaining after the developer left, we rebuilt this community from the ground up. We are now 400+ strong in the Telegram, with more than 3000 holders. With popular influencers aware of our presence, large whale investors, and a strong community base, we will dedicate every waking moment to giving this project the success it deserves.

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    Led by 5 person multisig

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    Liquidity BURNED

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    Endless supply of cardboard boxes

Fulfill the prophecy!

group of hooded cult cat members sitting in a semi-circle
Made with love! ...and excessive desire to fulfill the prophecy. FULFILL THE PROPHECY! FULFILL THE PROPHECY! I HAVEN'T SLEPT FOR 15 DAYS. FULFILL IT! FULFILL IT NOW!
Disclaimer: This is a meme coin. Nothing said here is financial advice.